Successful Printing Service


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A managed print service provides a business with everything required to run a successful print operation within your office. Including all toner, all hardware, all parts and spares, full support service, delivery, training and any remote support needed.

Also known as MPS, a managed print service covers a broad spectrum of services and product. The simple definition is that it enables a key person or persons within a business to gain complete control and visibility of the companies printing. It can help to reduce the environmental impact your printing has and can improve the document security within your business when completing general admin tasks e.g scanning.

An effective MPS enables you to track, control and monitor your businesses printing, scanning, copying and ultimately saves your business time and money.

A managed print specialist should spend time with you and produce a complete print audit which will run through what you currently use within your business, what printers are currently on the network and see what you are currently spending on all the different components that are required to run the companies printing as it stands.

A full report will consider a vast array of different things that you may not even think off initially. For example, do you have 2 floors with only one printer on the ground floor? People in the building need to have access to this printer. How many times does an upstairs user have to go downstairs to pick up something off the printer or scan a document.

How do I get a full audit for my business?

Are there any jobs done after printing that could be automated using new printing technology? Stapling, binding, cutting etc.

Would re-positioning the printers enable more effective use of the current printing set-up.

All these and more get reported on when an expert completes an audit and the makes suggestions on how a Managed print service can help you and your organisation.

With this information  a tailor made print solution can be designed (including repositioning any printers, reducing the number of printers on site, IT integration into the systems correctly and staff training) that could save you up to 40% on what you currently spend.

With the cutting edge software solutions available you will no longer need to check how much toner is left, what the number of prints are, spend time on the phone trying to sort a printer issue out; your print solution provider can pro-actively monitor the print solution so that you don’t have to.