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We provide total solutions for office equipment needs. Among our offerings, you’ll find a full line of digital photocopiers, printers, faxes and multi-function devices in both color and black & white. We also have shredders, binders and laminators. These devices are essential when dealing with paper handling machines. We also sell CD, floppy disk and cardboard shredders. We also make sure you have a professional finish for your presentations, employee handbooks, proposals, and other office documents with our binding machines.

Get extra protection for your most valuable documents with our laminators and laminating supplies.

Whether you are looking for Analogue, Digital or IP PBX, we can provide you with a powerful communication tool designed to support businesses in today’s Converged Networking age. We also provide all types of projection devices that range from home theater projectors, business projectors, education projectors to portable projectors. We have a large selection of computers from ultra-portable laptops to servers.


During Warranty you will have the following benefits:

  • Preventive maintenance and routine inspection visits to insure the best performance and uninterrupted operation of your machine.
  • In case of any urgent problem, our engineers and technicians are directly available to fix up this problem.
  • Delivery and installation of any consumables or spare-parts necessary for the machine’s best operation purchased and paid for by the customer.
  • Instructing and training of your staff on how to use the machine.
  • You will benefit from any improvements to your machine supplied by the manufacturer.


We offer a range of photocopier leasing packages to suit the needs of all sized-businesses and organizations – from one-person businesses to those employing hundreds.

Leasing is generally more cost effective over a five-year period. Our leasing packages cover photocopier machines.

Why Lease a photocopier from us?

Firstly, you become our priority. We work on the basis that our customers need us to work and complete a job to help them become more efficient in some way. Whether this is cost efficiency, a more productive environment for your team or to add a more technology assisted workplace.

Technical Support
Services -

MABCO stands apart from its competitors in its world-class after-sales services. Looking at services from our customers‘ perspective, MABCO recognizes that accurate and responsive services are our customers’ keys to meeting the demands of today‘s fast-paced business world. For this reason MABCO has developed a customer oriented service strategy which guarantees:

High Efficiency and Accuracy. . .
Our key to efficiency and accuracy is our maintenance team. Comprised of highly skilled engineers and technicians trained and certified by product manufacturers, MABCO’s maintenance team has the advanced technological knowledge needed to provide top quality services. Our team keeps track of the history of our installed machines through a specialized computer database developed and maintained by MABCO.

Responsiveness . . .
MABCO maintains new service cars – stocked with minimum quantities of spare parts and consumables, affording our maintenance team the ability for high responsiveness to our customers‘ service calls. MABCO guarantees:

  • A three working hours maximum service call response.
  • Zero pending service calls.

Employing a minimum ordering point strategy for spare parts and consumables, MABCO is always ready to provide customers the supplies they need.

Customer support . . .
MABCO’s maintenance team provides clear user instruction as well as instruction manuals at the time of product installation and is always ready to provide further user support when needed.
MABCO provides important preventive services during regular maintenance visits to ensure the early detection of problems, expanded life of consumables and continuity.

Maintenance Contracts

Before the end of your machine warranty, you will receive a courtesy call from one of our service contract specialists. According to your specific needs, MABCO can customize a service contract that will leave you worry and trouble free.

During this courtesy call, MABCO service department will provide you with an offer to sign a contract for your machine with the most appropriate contract type that will surely fit your requirements and demands.

Some of the feature value-added features that our customers receive upon signing the maintenance contracts:
• Upon signing our service contract, you will receive a discount on all visits and service related issues.
• If your machine or unit is damaged enough whereas it would need more than a few days to repair, you will receive a back-up unit FREE of charge until your machine/unit is fully repaired and re-installed at your home or office.

Consumables & Spare Parts

What happens if you don’t use original consumables and spare parts?

Disappointment, frustration, paper jams and poor quality image reproduction.

So, for total satisfaction, always choose the original consumables and spare parts.

By using genuine consumables and spare parts, you can:

Ensure the best copy/print quality because they are manufactured to exacting standards that assure stability under a wide range of environment conditions.

Ensure optimum hardware operation and optimize reliability that shortens downtime and boosts total productivity.

Original consumables and spare parts are designed for long-life durability, which makes them a cost-effective choice.