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Who We Are

MABCO (Modern Arabian Business Corporation) was founded in 1993, taking first steps in introducing top-of-the-line modern technology to the Palestinian market. We are committed to meeting your business needs and satisfying your business demands by providing outstanding customer service and support.

Modern Arabian Business Corporation
About Us -
Our Vision

Man & Technology Integrated is MABCO’s vision for how people and organizations create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data. It is centered on our belief that the most successful organizations are those that share and communicate information in the most effective way.

Our Mission

We make our vision possible through representing top of the line products from some of the most respected multi-national corporations and by providing an integrated range of industry-specific solutions, all of which reflect MABCO’s commitment to the future of the Palestinian economy. We can work in partnership with your organization or business to develop a tailored, cost-effective solution that meets your specific print, document management and communication requirements.

About Us -
Years In The Market

MABCO holds the highest market share among all of its product lines.

· Dedicated staff and an aggressive marketing strategy

· Preventive Maintenance Mechanism to ensure that your equipment lasts longer

· A customized software solution to monitor customer inquiries and complaints as well as the status of all past and existing service orders.

Our Brands

MABCO represents top of the line products from some of the most respected multi-national firms