General Safety Instructions


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General Safety Instructions

are among the most important notes that are attached to any product. This product is carefully designed to provide years of safe and reliable performance. However, as with all electrical equipment, there are some basic precautions that must be taken to avoid injury or damage, the most important of which are:

  • See the documents

See the items and rules of safety codified with each electrical device, as this is one of the first and most important steps to understand the device well and the answer to all the questions that may be concerned, as well as identifying the operating and prevention methods, and keeping them to return to it in the future.


  • Warning stickers

Read and follow all warning stickers and instructions on the same product. Adhere to it to maintain your safety and the safety of the devices.


  • Ventilation and easy access

Select a suitable place to install the product. Leave enough space for the appropriate ventilation and easy access, and make sure to monitor it constantly, as it continuously delivers electricity that may result in high temperature, and it may result in a fire.


  • the heat

Keep the product away from direct heat sources, such as radiators, and away from direct sunlight.


  • Energy source and classification

Be sure to match the power source with the classification listed on a label. If you are not sure, review the agent or a local power provider. This is because the use of suitable sodomy for major extensions prevents any electrical problem, and you must also refrain from using high -power devices when the electrical home extensions are not good.


  • Electricity cable

Never allow the power cable to be tucked or pressed between solid objects, otherwise an accident or an electric problem may occur. If the cable is damaged or eroded, replace it immediately.


  • Ease of access

The power outlet connected to the product should remain easy to reach at all times.


  • Careful plankton

Do not allow any mineral things like paper clips in the product.


  • Maintenance and dismantling the product

Do not disintegrate the product or try to fix it yourself. Contact the sales representative or service to make all the necessary repairs. Ingred reassurance can cause electrical risks and may cause possible damage to the product.


  • Transportation and replacement

If you intend to transfer this product or replace it, contact the sales or service representative. Do not try to transfer the product yourself.


  • Product cleaning

Disconnect the product before cleaning. Use a damp cloth only. Do not use liquid or sprays to clean the product, and make sure that no type of fluid is poured into it.


  • Shutdown

Make sure to turn off the power switch when you leave your office at night. Where the separation of unused devices is one of the simplest safety rules, however many people ignore or forget them, as the separation of devices provides energy consumption, as it protects the devices from high temperatures or energy.


  • Lack of long periods of time

Be sure to separate the power cord when you intend to use the product for a long period of time.


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