MABCO boasts one of the highest market shares in all product lines it represents. An aggressive marketing strategy paired with a highly qualified marketing and sales staff made us successful.

MABCO’s business development program is committed to introducing the newest and most advanced products, thereby ensuring continuous leadership and ingenuity in the market.
MABCO’s organizational structure is designed to help maximize the achievement of company objectives and implementation of its strategies. Communication and workflow is simplified yet maximized through this structure.

Enhancing creativity is a philosophy that is held with a high standard at MABCO. The company has a concept research and development group whose aim is to generate new concepts that enhance customer satisfaction. 

Human Resources development is a key function at MABCO. Our staff is cautiously selected and skillfully trained to ensure customers receive the best capable and professional service. It is driven by the fact that the company must be a learning organization and must emphasize on continuous job training for its nearly 25 employees. MABCO strives to go beyond your basic expectations to provide an above-and-beyond experience whether in person or on the phone.
With two branches and showrooms dispersed throughout Ramallah and Nablus, MABCO has reached a large and diverse customer base that includes virtually every economic sector in Palestine.

MABCO is distinctive from other competitors in the after-sales services. We do not wait to call us, we come to you. MABCO has created the “Preventive Maintenance Mechanism”; routine visits are regularly scheduled to perform preventive maintenance on equipment to increase the life of the equipment to guarantee Ø breaking down your equipment. This is accomplished by hiring and training technicians, who are provided with service van to reach out to customers. Moreover, the service department uses a customized software solution uniquely tailored to observe customer inquiries and complaints. This system is also designed to monitor the status of all past and existing service orders.