This product has been carefully designed to give years of safe, reliable performance. As with all electrical equipment, however, there are a few basic precautions that should be taken to avoid injury or damage:

  • Read all the documentation carefully and save it for future reference.
  • Read and follow all warning and instruction labels on the product itself.
  •  Select a suitable place for installation of the product. Allow enough room for adequate ventilation and easy access.
  • Keep the product away from direct heat sources, such as radiators, and out of direct sunlight.
  • Make sure that the power source matches the rating listed on the product’s rating label. If you are not sure, check with your dealer or with your local power provider.
  • Never allow the power cable to be trampled on or pinched between hard objects, otherwise an accident or electrical trouble might occur. If the cable becomes damaged or frayed, replace it immediately.
  • The power outlet to which the product is connected must remain easily accessible at all times.
  • Do not allow any metal things such as paper clips to fall into the product.
  • Do not disassemble the product or try to repair it yourself. Call your sales or service representative for all necessary repairs. Incorrect reassembly can cause electrical hazards and possible damage to the product.
  • If you intend to move or replace this product, contact your sales or service representative. Do not attempt to relocate the product on your own.
  • Disconnect the product before cleaning. Use only a damp cloth. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners to clean the product, and be sure not to spill liquid of any kind into it.
  • Be sure to turn OFF the power switch when you leave your office at night.
  • Be sure to disconnect the power-cord plug when you intend to not use the product for an extended period of time.

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