paper jam


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Paper jam in printer are one of the most problems that the users suffer from, due to several reasons, the most important of which is not to provide regular maintenance services to the device, not to load the paper properly, the printer is exposed to the water by mistake It follows a set of tips to avoid these problems.

Five steps to prevent printer paper jams:


  • Regular maintenance of the printer

Regular maintenance of the printer or photography machine will reduce paper mortgage cases, and the accumulation of paper dust on cylinders and sensors leads to problems. Also with the erosion of the parts over time, the paper can slip. We all know that our car needs to serve from time to time to keep it smoothly. Your printer is the same, keep it clean and care well and will keep you in thickness and thinness.


  • Download the paper in the right way

  1. Loading paper in the right way in your device will reduce all types of problems, and here we will mention the steps correct ways to load the paper in the correct way.
  2. Stick the paper up (remove it from the cover / curl the paper to remove any attached pages together and reduce friction).
    When inserting the paper into the stairs, expand the directions first and then prepare the directives for the paper as soon as it is inserted. The tightening of the directions on paper will stop the “running” paper and help align the paper while it is advanced across the device.


  • Put the printer away from water sources

Paper will absorb moisture in the atmosphere, so try applying the printer away from kitchens, water sources, etc. You may notice that when leaving it is open, it becomes “wavy” when it absorbs moisture. To reduce the occurrence of this, if your cassette will only contain a portion of a package of paper, make sure to re -close the outer packaging and put it again in the box, put the cap on the box and store it away from the ground, preferably in a wardrobe wooden box.


  • Using cheap paper

The use of cheap paper is a false economy, so always try to use a good -quality brand paper that uses the same plant to produce paper for them. Some stationery packaging cheap paper in packages that carry their own brands, and is purchased from anyone who sells paper at a cheaper price.


  • Left paper and / or cheap

In the vast majority of cases, when the imaging machine / printer is crushed, this is due to the paper standard used. Linter paper and / or cheap does not provide corporate money in the long run. It is waste time, and it is a waste of resources, it is recommended to use the weight of paper at least 80 grams per square meter and that it is purchased from a well -reputable seller who regularly delivers inventory because the paper is very dry or wet can cause problems as well.


We hope the above advice will help you prevent more printer problems.