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Phone conversation recording equipment is a great business tool. Record and play back important calls to your business associates. They get all the facts because they hear the actual phone call.

Never be left guessing what was said! Simply play it back.

Using call recording equipment is a great way to improve the productivity of phone conversations. Attach one to your conference phone and make copies for all participants so they’ll remember what was discussed!

Our call recording solutions are ideal for recording calls on all types of telephone systems and PABXs.


  • Small to medium business enterprises to log important telephone conversations.
  • Customer service center and reservation offices to archive recordings base on call nature.
  • Lawyer, attorney, accountant, money markets, and VIPs to record important calls and transactions verifications.
  • Military agency, aviation unit and public safety to log all incoming calls.
  • Hotel, school, resort and restaurant to avoid phone harassment by recording.